J-1 Physician Immigration Law Talk with Jan Pederson

Welcome to J-1 Physician Immigration Law Talk with Jan Pederson!

Jan Pederson, is a leading advocate for the rights of J-1 Physicians in the United States and has been key to the passage of legislation to benefit them. She seeks solutions for her clients beyond the immigration laws and does not hesitate to seek solutions from The White House and Congress, if necessary. She has been a key advocate on the restoration of the National Interest Waivers for J-1 Physicians and in increasing the Conrad State 20 J-1 Waiver Program to the Conrad State 30 Program.

Jan has been recognized by The Washington Post as one of “seven leading lawyers” in Washington, D.C., due to her dedication to the practice of immigration and national law. In 1997, Jan was honored to receive the most prestigious national award for excellence in the advancement of immigration law, The Edith Lowenstein Award. In 2022, Jan was named to the Top Lawyers Hall of Fame by The Washingtonian, as well as honored as a Lifetime Achievement Honoree at the Daily Record Leaders in Law Awards.

J-1 Physician Immigration Law Talk with Jan Pederson offers valuable advice on immigration law, including answers to many different questions Jan has received over the years about J-1 Waivers, and timely Immigration Law updates. The podcast is available to listen to on your favorite platform: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and PodBean.

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