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Welcome to “The Wright Toolbox” a publication of the Construction Law Group at Wright, Constable & Skeen.  Our goal is to provide relevant and timely information for the construction industry with emphasis on the needs of construction business owners, officers and managers.  We are lawyers, but we recognize that we are writing for non-lawyers, so we will keep our articles straightforward and easy to read; no legalese or legal jargon.  We also know your time is valuable, so we will keep our articles short and to the point where possible.

The Latest Tool for Your Toolbox

  • January 4th – link
    • ASBCA Makes Headway – read now
    • DOJ Issues False Claims Act Report For Fiscal Year 2018 – read now
  • December 20th – link
    • Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Performance Reviews? – read now
    • Mind Your State Registration – read now
  • December 6th – link
    • The Accidental Protest – read now
    • Contractual Statutes of Limitations: Are They Enforceable? – read now
  • November 15th – link
    • Federal Contractors Get Ready for Government Snooping – read now
    • When Should You Tell An Employee to “Suck It Up”? – read now
  • November 1st – link
    • General Contractors Beware Of Being Too Demanding – read now
    • Employer Notice for Background Credit Checks Changed – read now
    • Interviewers And Recruiters Beware – read now
  • October 18th – link
    • Is A Fire A Cardinal Change? – read now
    • When A Well Written Harassment Policy Is Not Enough – read now
  • October 4th – link
    • Teaming Agreements From the Subcontractor’s Perspective – read now
    • Missed It By That Much – read now
    • Employers Beware of Making Automatic Deductions From Employees’ Pay – read now
  • September 20th – link
    • EEOC Releases Latest Data – read now
    • Streamlined Three-Arbitrator Panel Option – read now
    • OFCCP Renewed Focus on Affirmative Action/EEO Compliance – read now
  • September 6th – link
    • It is Time to Address the Potential Impact of Tariffs in Construction – read now
    • Pushing the Government Contracting Officer – read now
  • August 16th – link
    • EEOC Issues “Promising Practices for Preventing Harassment” – read now
    • A Reminder to Read the “Fine Print” in Insurance Policies – read now
  • June 18th – link
    • When Does Maryland’s Construction Trust Statute Apply? – read now
    • Maryland Adopts New Sexual Harassment Law – read now

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