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  • An Important Lesson from Les Moonves and the #MeToo Movement by Greg Currey
  • Don’t Ignore Your Contract Notice Provisions by Mike Stover


  • Do I Really Need EPLI Coverage? by Don Walsh
  • Ensuring Against the Cyber Inevitability by Don Walsh
  • Wave Goodbye to Effective Waivers by Max Stadfeld
  • Leveling Online Sales Retailers With Brick and Mortar Stores by Don Walsh
  • Mind Your State Registration by Marie Ignozzi
  • Contractor Beware by Don Walsh
  • New Maryland Laws and Developments, Part II by Don Walsh
  • New Maryland Laws and Developments, Part I by Don Walsh
  • Maryland Personal Information Protection Act by Mike Stover
  • Employers Beware of the FCA Anti-Retaliation Protections by Mike Stover
  • Don’t Ignore Your Contract Notice Provisions by Mike Stover
  • What’s in Your Contract by Michael Stover
  • The Effect of Incorporating Documents by Reference by Michael Stover
  • Implied Duties In Your Contract by Michael Stover
  • SBA is Considering Changes to the 8(a) HUBZone Programs by Michael Stover
  • Who is an additional insured – Are you covered? by Michael Stover
  • Do You Know Where Your Payments Are Going? Uncle SAM Has Been Hacked! by Michael Stover
  • False Claims Act Liability for Third Parties by Mike Stover
  • March Tournament Fever by Don Walsh
  • The Accidental Protest by Mike Stover
  • Pushing the Government Contracting Officer by Don Walsh
  • The Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy – An Overview by Mike Stover
  • 2018 National Defense Authorization Act – Impact on Procurement Regulations by Mike Stover
  • The False Claims Act – QUI TAM Actions An Overview by Mike Stover
  • New Partnership Audit Rules by Don Walsh
  • Minimizing the Financial Impact of the Shut Down by Don Walsh
  • Highway Contractors Get Ready to Start Your Engines by Mike Stover
  • New Protest Rules by Don Walsh
  • Contract Changes by Don Walsh
  • Small Issues Become Big Problems for Inattentive Employers by Greg Currey
  • What are Ostentatious Earrings? by Laura Rubenstein
  • EEOC Files Seven Harassment Lawsuits by Laura Rubenstein
  • Employer Liability for Harassment Extends to Actions of Customers As Well by Don Walsh
  • Legislation is Cracking Down on Employers Hiding from Accountability for Harassment by Don Walsh
  • Are Your Employees Taking Summer Vacation? by Laura Rubenstein
  • Mind the Illegal Pay Gap by Don Walsh
  • Should I Have My Employees Sign Arbitration Agreements by Greg Currey
  • Maryland Adopts New (Under-Publicized) Sexual Harassment Law by Paul Evelius
  • Appeals Courts Says Allowing An Employee To Work While on FMLA Leave Can Be Lawful by Paul Evelius
  • Do I Owe My Employees Accrued Vacation At Termination? by Laura Rubenstein
  • Supreme Court Rejects “Narrow” Reading of Overtime Exemptions by Paul Evelius
  • Forcing Employees to Practice the Onionhead Religion at Work, or any Religion for that Matter, is Unlawful by Laura Rubenstein
  • What Equal Pay Days Means in Maryland by Gregory Currey
  • Think Using LinkedIn to Communicate with Customers of Your Former Employer is OK? Think Again by Laura Rubenstein
  • Happy 50th ADEA! by Don Walsh
  • Tips for Communication with a Grieving Employee by Laura Rubenstein
  • New 2018 Rules for Paying Interns by Laura Rubenstein
  • “Age Will Matter” Cost Compnay $50,000 by Laura Rubenstein
  • United Airlines Announces Replacement of Quarterly Performance Bonuses with… a Lottery?!?! by Don Walsh
  • The Customer Isn’t Always Right – When Customers Violate Your Sexual Harassment Policy by Laura Rubenstein
  • Maryland Employers: Hang This Poster in Your Workplace by Laura Rubenstein
  • FMLA Biggest Fail by Laura Rubenstein
  • Holiday Pay Q&A by Greg Currey
  • Beware of Micro-Aggressions by Don Walsh
  • EEOC – LGBTQ! by Jimmy Constable
  • EEOC Releases Latest Data by Staff
  • The Loss of the Deduction for Employee Transit Subsidies by Don Walsh
  • Calculating FMLA Leave During Holidays and Other Breaks by Laura Rubenstein
  • Interviewers and Recruiters Beware by Laura Rubenstein
  • Minimum Wage Increases in Montgomery County? by Laura Rubenstein
  • Prince George’s County Expand Mandatory PTO Policy by Don Walsh
  • The Gift of Employee Leave by Laura Rubenstein
  • Paid if Paid VS. Paid When Paid by Max Stadfeld
  • Does Our Insurance Cover That? by Don Walsh
  • EPLI Coverage Review by Don Walsh
  • Disciplining Employees While They Are On FMLA Leave by Laura Rubenstein
  • New Year – New Ideas Introducing … Protected Weekends by Laura Rubenstein