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WCS Sponsors Catonsville Comet Park

WCS is a proud Blue Level Sponsor to help the Catonsville High School Comets finish their stadium.

The Catonsville High School Comets launched their “Finish the Park” campaign to help renovate their sports stadium. With the help of sponsors, over the past few years they have been able to install an new scoreboard, build two new ticket booths at the entrance, and raise three new flagpoles. 

As they enter the last phase of finishing the park, sponsors like WCS have been crucial in helping the Comets with final details such as a new set of bleachers which can hold up to 1,500 more people, as well a new concession stand. 

For more information about WCS’s involvement in the community and sponsorship level for the Comet Park stadium, please see the following flyer, or contact Wendy Geist at wgeist@wcslaw.com.