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Towson Personal Injury Lawyer: Bicyclist Injuries in Maryland

There are several Maryland statutes that protect bicyclists in personal injury lawsuits.

Personal Injury: Car/Bicyle AccidentA collision with a car is probably the biggest fear of most bicyclists, and for a good reason.  Bicycles are no match for motor vehicles. Despite helmet laws, bicyclists are very vulnerable in collisions because they are much less protected from injuries than automobile drivers.  As a result, collisions between bicycles and cars often result in severe and permanent injuries to the bicyclist.

The good news is that Maryland has several laws to protect bicyclists.  With the help of a Maryland personal injury attorney, these statutes serve as a strong legal tool for justice in the event of a bicycle accident lawsuit.  The majority of these statutes are outlined in the Transportation Article of the Maryland Annotated Code, Article 21.

One statute in particular may be relevant in the upcoming winter months.   Bicyclists often wear earmuffs to keep warm as the weather gets colder. According to § 21-1210 bicyclists cannot wear any headsets or earplugs that cover both ears, as it impairs the ability to listen to surrounding cars and other important traffic signals.  It is possible that bundling up in winter clothing could impair a bicyclist’s senses in the same manner as headphones.

The Law Office of J. Neil Lanzi, based in Towson, Maryland has handled all types of personal injury cases, including bicyclists’ injuries resulting from collisions with cars. In a recent case, Mr. Lanzi represented a bicyclist that was traveling on Harford Road.  The bicyclist had the right-of-way when a vehicle suddenly cut in front of the bicycle causing the bike operator to strike the vehicle and become airborne.  The bicyclist suffered severe leg injuries. In this personal injury case, Mr. Lanzi was able to win more than adequate compensation for the client’s injuries.

Mr. Lanzi has a deep knowledge of Maryland bicycle laws, and has experience negotiating bicycle accident cases with insurance companies.  He can engage expert witnesses such as bicycle engineers, whose understanding of handling skills and techniques can be used to recreate the scene of the accident and provide testimony.

Personal injuries and collisions between bicyclists and motor vehicles will likely increase as society pushes toward the environmentally friendliness of bicycles as a mode of transportation. For more information regarding filing a personal injury lawsuit in Maryland, please contact the Towson, Maryland attorney J. Neil Lanzi.