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Maryland Business Lawyer: Selling A Business

Whether or not they are thinking about selling, all business owners should know what their business is worth.  The worst time to sell a business is when there is no choice but to sell the business.

A business attorney can help owners get their company ready to show before the decision is made as to whether a business should be sold. (more…)

Maryland Business Lawyer: Buying An Existing Business

There are many benefits to purchasing an existing business.  The Law Office of J.Neil Lanzi has decades of experience helping clients with buying existing businesses.

Due Diligence

Not enough can be said about the importance of due diligence when buying a business.

To make an analogy, due diligence is to buying a business as Car Fax and Kelly Blue Book is to buying a car. (more…)

Buying or Selling Your House With or Without a Realtor

The question is often asked whether to hire a realtor or to sell your home as a “sale by owner”.

Believe it or not, hiring an attorney may actually be a more cost effective way to sell your house.

That’s right. You did not misread anything. It may be less expensive to hire a lawyer than a real estate agent. Let’s be clear however. The attorney will not be listing your house for sale or showing your house to prospective buyers as a realtor would be in the normal course.


Buying and Selling a Business

One of the American dreams is owning your own business. From the very start of our nation’s history, small businesses helped establish and support the national economy.

Like anything worth having, buying or selling a business requires time, effort and an investment in hiring professionals who make sure the process is completed accurately.

Your first task is to find an accountant who comes highly recommended. It’s wise to hire a certified public accountant (CPA) versus an accountant. CPAs have extensive training and are regulated by the state, which means they’re constantly updated on the latest laws, including taxes. (more…)

Avoiding Start Up Problems When Opening Shop

It is a moment when dreams begin to take the shape of reality.

After countless days of hard work and planning, you are finally ready to put pen to paper on what will be your new store, restaurant or office space. Unfortunately, this is far too often the same point of the story where the dreams of business owners can create nightmares that cost small fortunes unless proper steps are taken.

Leasing out new space for a business can be an emotional time filled with excitement, anxiety and uncertainty. As a result, people frequently rush into leases with landlords that they have no business signing. Most leases are prepared with language geared to deflect liability from the landlord. This is not to criticize landlords, as they too must protect their own business interests in the transaction. However, there is a common misconception that leases are some sort of magical documents that could never be edited in Microsoft Word. (more…)

You Have Been in an Automobile Accident, What Should You Do?

Towson, Maryland Car Accident LawyerA car accident is not something you can ever predict; however if one does occur, you should know what to do immediately thereafter to reduce the severity of its repercussions. Neil Lanzi, P.A. has compiled step-by-step instructions of what to do immediately after getting into an accident. We hope it helps if that terrible moment ever does occur.

  1. If you can do so safely, pull your vehicle off to the side of the road out of harm’s way.
  2. Whether you are at fault or not, call 911 for help if you believe you, someone in your vehicle or someone in the other vehicle has been injured.
  3. Do not leave the scene of the accident.
  4. Do not volunteer any information to anyone. For example, do not state to the other driver, “I am so sorry, I was sending a text message.”
  5. Limit your immediate communications to medical care providers only. (more…)

Independent Contractor vs. Employee

Businesses today often hire independent contractors over employees, however, the distinction is often blurred and liability may result not only to a third party but also to the Internal Revenue Service.  In the event the Internal Revenue Service determines a worker is an employee and not an independent contractor, an employer may be charged with back payroll taxes, interest and penalties.

Once your company determines it will hire independent contractors, certain steps should be taken.  It should be clear on the job application that the position is for an independent contractor.  Next, all contracts should be in writing between the employer and the independent contractor.  The contract should specify that the relationship between the parties is that of an independent contractor.  Next, the relationship between the company and the independent contractor should be at arms length.  The worker should be paid by the job rather than hourly or weekly.


Maryland Auto Accidents Lawyer

Maryland Auto Accidents

During the course of a lifetime, most people unfortunately become involved in an automobile accident or know of a family member or friend that was the victim of an accident.

You may have a valid negligence claim in the event you are injured as a result of an automobile accident caused by another driver who failed to exercise reasonable care. Under Maryland law, all persons driving motor vehicles have an affirmative duty to exercise reasonable care. When a driver fails to exercise reasonable care and an accident occurs, he or she has breached that duty and you, as the injured party, may be entitled to recover damages.