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Simple Explanations to the Causes of Auto Accidents

Getting into an automobile accident is bad enough, sorting out the different causes that you may encounter after the event is complicated.

There are a wide variety of possible causes for auto accidents and several are listed below. Remember that hiring a lawyer to assist you is crucial to making sure you’re protected, and in some events, able to collect for damages to the car or yourself. (more…)

Minimizing Liability in Towing Contracts: How Low Can You Go?

Contrary to popular belief, a contract of marine towage does not create a bailment. Case law has long established that he owner of the boat being towed is not a bailor, and the towboat operator is not a bailee.


The Implied Warranty of Workmanlike Performance

While many rules of maritime law originated in ancient times and have been passed along through the ages, there are other rules that have suddenly arisen as the result of legislation or judicial decisions. The implied warranty of workmanlike performance (“WWLP”) is just such a rule, since it owes its existence to an opinion written by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1956. Although a few restrictions have been placed on the scope of the WWLP in the years since its creation, it remains alive and well in both property damage and personal injury cases.