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Real Estate Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney documents can be used in specific situations, such as real estate transactions.

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a well-known document in many estate plans. It is usually associated with assigning decision making roles and fiduciary responsibilities for end of life planning and other instances when someone is incapable of caring for themselves.

However, a power of attorney can be as broad or specific as the grantor sees fit.  


The Basics of Estate Planning

In the past, estate planning was regarded as a subject reserved only to older couples with considerable financial holdings, which could include everything from stocks and bonds to houses.

Today, estate planning has also become commonplace for singles and couples with more modest estates who simply want to insure their possessions and finances are transferred to people of their choosing. (more…)

Estate Planning – What Young Couples Need to Know

Milestones in your life arrive then appear in the rearview mirror at surprising speeds. College graduation gives way to your first “real job” which is followed by marriage, a house and your first child. Planning for these events may seem difficult, but it’s never too late to get started.

Most couples have their first child at a time in their lives when the subject of estate planning isn’t even a consideration. After all, estate planning occurs after you’ve accumulated wealth and other possessions that comprise your estate, right?

In reality, estate planning provides your newborn son or daughter with a certain degree of protection if anything should happen to one, or both, parents. Estate planning provides immediate security for your newborn and helps you and your partner plan for the future. (more…)