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Pitfalls in Marine Casualty Reporting

If you hold a Captain´s license, you may want to pay close attention to this article. The U.S. Coast Guard has recently exhibited what can only be described as a “zero tolerance” policy toward licensed mariners who fail to promptly notify the Coast Guard of “reportable marine casualties” – regardless of how minor or trivial an experienced mariner may consider the incident. If it comes to the attention of the Coast Guard that a licensed mariner has failed to give timely notice of a “reportable marine casualty,” action against his or her license is quite likely to result.


The Implied Warranty of Workmanlike Performance

While many rules of maritime law originated in ancient times and have been passed along through the ages, there are other rules that have suddenly arisen as the result of legislation or judicial decisions. The implied warranty of workmanlike performance (“WWLP”) is just such a rule, since it owes its existence to an opinion written by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1956. Although a few restrictions have been placed on the scope of the WWLP in the years since its creation, it remains alive and well in both property damage and personal injury cases.