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Motorcycle Accidents

Towson Motorcycle AccidentMotorcycles are a great way to save gas for commuters, are fun to ride during the summer months, and are easy to park. To motorcycling enthusiasts, motorcycles aren’t just a convenient mode of transportation; they’re a passion and way of life.

The freedom that comes with “being one with the road” is what gives motorcycling its allure, and its danger. Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars, making motorcycle accidents potentially more severe than car accidents. Despite the fact that helmets and protective gear decrease injuries, many still occur. (more…)

Maryland Business Lawyer: Selling A Business

Whether or not they are thinking about selling, all business owners should know what their business is worth.  The worst time to sell a business is when there is no choice but to sell the business.

A business attorney can help owners get their company ready to show before the decision is made as to whether a business should be sold. (more…)

Maryland Car Accident: Common Spine and Back Injuries

Even the safest driver cannot prevent a car accident caused by the recklessness of another driver. Unfortunately, the damages that occur in car accidents usually reach further than the vehicle. Personal injuries to the driver and passengers often occur. Back and spine injuries are the most common “damages” resulting from a car crash. (more…)

The Basics of Estate Planning

In the past, estate planning was regarded as a subject reserved only to older couples with considerable financial holdings, which could include everything from stocks and bonds to houses.

Today, estate planning has also become commonplace for singles and couples with more modest estates who simply want to insure their possessions and finances are transferred to people of their choosing. (more…)

Lawflash: Attention Former Patients of Dr. Nikita Levy



Former patients of Dr. Nikita Levy, former OB/GYN employee of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, have been made aware of alleged photographs and video taping of patients by Dr. Levy, without the patient’s consent.

If you or someone that you know has received a letter from the Johns Hopkins Hospital or were a former patient of Dr. Levy, you may be entitled to compensation.

Please contact me for a consultation at no charge.

J. Neil Lanzi P.A.

J. Neil Lanzi, P.A. is associated with the Law Office of Dennis F. O’Brien, P.A. which has over thirty years of medical malpractice experience.
Please share this with anyone you know that was a former patient of Dr. Levy.

Do Your Homework When Hiring a Lawyer

The Age of the Internet has put tons of information at our fingertips. So much in fact that we’re faced with having to sort through data that matters, and data that doesn’t!

As more mobile phone users access the internet, and use websites and apps to rate everything from pizza delivery to dentists, we’ve become used to doing homework before we spend money on a service or product.

There’s no difference when it comes time to hire a lawyer in the State of Maryland. In fact, the state itself maintains an online database that’s available to anyone.

Called the Judiciary Case Search, this website is constantly updated with legal information that lists the lawyer or law firm that was involved and a variety of details.

The website is very simple to use. You can input the attorney or firm’s name, or look up by case number, if you have it. In addition you can search by case type and court system, along with the particular county in Maryland.

Clicking on a case number reveals all of the legal filings associated with that case, complete with the judge’s ruling or however the case was resolved.

The records also show the case type, and this allows you to immediately see if the attorney or firm you’re going to hire is experienced in a particular area of the law. You can quickly see if they’ve been successful with your type of case.

Searching through the results may help you determine how long you can expect your case to take. Remember that every case is different, but this information will enable you to get an overall idea of what to expect.

Performing your own homework before hiring legal representation is key in today’s world and the Judiciary Case Search provides you with an excellent starting point.

After you’ve gathered up your information, don’t forget that it’s wise to ask co-workers, friends, and family. Their feedback will help to round out the information you’ve already collected.

Meeting with a prospective legal counsel will help you make that final decision. Remember you’ll be spending time with your attorney or law firm and personalities should complement each other if you’re going to find success.

For more information on this resource, you can visit it online.

Buying and Selling a Business

One of the American dreams is owning your own business. From the very start of our nation’s history, small businesses helped establish and support the national economy.

Like anything worth having, buying or selling a business requires time, effort and an investment in hiring professionals who make sure the process is completed accurately.

Your first task is to find an accountant who comes highly recommended. It’s wise to hire a certified public accountant (CPA) versus an accountant. CPAs have extensive training and are regulated by the state, which means they’re constantly updated on the latest laws, including taxes. (more…)

Whose Fault Is It?

The moments following an auto accident, no matter how minor, are typically filled with anxiety, fear, and relief. Memories of what happened can be fractured and unreliable.

Once you’ve exchanged insurance information with the other driver(s), the cars have been removed and you have received any necessary medical care, you may be dealing with possible legal action. Both the insurance company for the other driver and your own insurance company will definitely want to review the events of the accident. Therefore, it is important for you to determine who was at fault. (more…)

Estate Planning – What Young Couples Need to Know

Milestones in your life arrive then appear in the rearview mirror at surprising speeds. College graduation gives way to your first “real job” which is followed by marriage, a house and your first child. Planning for these events may seem difficult, but it’s never too late to get started.

Most couples have their first child at a time in their lives when the subject of estate planning isn’t even a consideration. After all, estate planning occurs after you’ve accumulated wealth and other possessions that comprise your estate, right?

In reality, estate planning provides your newborn son or daughter with a certain degree of protection if anything should happen to one, or both, parents. Estate planning provides immediate security for your newborn and helps you and your partner plan for the future. (more…)

Small Businesses Receive Big Gains from Incorporating

Business owners face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. From inventory to growing a customer base, there’s always work to be done.

One area where the fearless business owner is apprehensive to tread is the question of incorporating.

Many see incorporating as another legal hassle they don’t have time to tackle. Plus, there’s always a cost involved, and in the end, what’s the benefit to incorporating a business?

The main reason behind incorporating a business is that it protects the owner in the event of financial difficulty or if a legal action is brought against the business. (more…)