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Solving A Breach of Contract

Contracts signed by parties in a business venture are put into place to protect everyone. In many cases, the terms of the contract are fulfilled and both parties leave satisfied.

However, what can you do when a contract you’ve made has been breached? (more…)

The Meningitis Outbreak – Are You Safe?

In review, 2012 was a year like any other – there were highpoints and low points – and perhaps one of the most frightening events was from the outbreak of fungal meningitis which was first reported in late September in Tennessee.

To date, the outbreak has infected a total of 620 people in 19 states, with 39 deaths resulting. The Center for Disease Control was able to quickly and successfully linked the outbreak to tainted steroid injections from a Massachusetts pharmacy. (more…)

Business Fraud in the Workplace

Unfortunately, business fraud in the workplace is not all that uncommon. Employee theft and dishonesty affects all types of businesses and yes, even law firms. Often, the violating party is a well regarded employee who has been with the company or firm for many years. That trusted employee is often the company bookkeeper. Besides limiting check signing authority, there are many practical steps a business can take to prevent employee dishonesty. Most of the steps are obvious, but unfortunately, often are not followed. For example, bank statements should be reviewed each month, whether they are paper statements or online statements. All cancelled checks should be reviewed and validated. All credit card charges should be reviewed each month and validated. (more…)