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Avoiding Start Up Problems When Opening Shop

It is a moment when dreams begin to take the shape of reality.

After countless days of hard work and planning, you are finally ready to put pen to paper on what will be your new store, restaurant or office space. Unfortunately, this is far too often the same point of the story where the dreams of business owners can create nightmares that cost small fortunes unless proper steps are taken.

Leasing out new space for a business can be an emotional time filled with excitement, anxiety and uncertainty. As a result, people frequently rush into leases with landlords that they have no business signing. Most leases are prepared with language geared to deflect liability from the landlord. This is not to criticize landlords, as they too must protect their own business interests in the transaction. However, there is a common misconception that leases are some sort of magical documents that could never be edited in Microsoft Word. (more…)

The Implied Warranty of Workmanlike Performance

While many rules of maritime law originated in ancient times and have been passed along through the ages, there are other rules that have suddenly arisen as the result of legislation or judicial decisions. The implied warranty of workmanlike performance (“WWLP”) is just such a rule, since it owes its existence to an opinion written by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1956. Although a few restrictions have been placed on the scope of the WWLP in the years since its creation, it remains alive and well in both property damage and personal injury cases.