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Courts Uphold Freedom of Contract Principles

Posted from the Baltimore Barrister with permission from the Bar Association of Baltimore City.

Two recent decisions, one from the U.S. Supreme Court and the other from Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals, show welcome respect for freedom of contract principles.   


Sizing Up The Competition: Maryland Public Information Act

The Maryland Public Information Act provides the general public with access to government procurement records.

Losing a government contract to a competitor can feel a bit anticlimactic after all the hard work and effort that goes into submitting a proposal.   Many contractors want to know why one bid was chosen over another.

The Maryland Public Information Act (PIA) may satisfy that curiosity.


The Subcontractor and Construction Project Bidding

The Court of Special Appeals of Maryland recently affirmed a few understood yet not entirely verified rules of law relating to the establishment and enforcement of mechanic’s liens brought by laborers of a subcontractor. Aside from drawing what is now a bright-line interpretation of Maryland’s mechanic’s lien statute on this issue, the Court may have inadvertently sent the art of construction bid preparation into a tail-spin.