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Simple Explanations to the Causes of Auto Accidents

Getting into an automobile accident is bad enough, sorting out the different causes that you may encounter after the event is complicated.

There are a wide variety of possible causes for auto accidents and several are listed below. Remember that hiring a lawyer to assist you is crucial to making sure you’re protected, and in some events, able to collect for damages to the car or yourself.

Driver Error - The most common cause of all accidents and includes failure to yield the right of way, following too closely, driving at excessive speeds, unsafe passing, and disregard of traffic control devices.

Distractions - Distractions may occur from outside of the car, such as when something at the side of the road draws a driver’s attention. Internal distractions include a driver attempting to read or apply makeup while driving, adjusting radio, or using a cell phone.

Intoxication – Consuming alcohol or illegal drugs can severely impair your ability to make decisions and safely operate a vehicle.

Bad Weather – Bad weather can contribute to an accident by interfering with visibility, diminishing traction on the road surface, or making it more difficult to drive a car. Extra precaution is necessary to avoid being the “at fault” driver.

Road Design - A poorly designed roadway, intersection, or means of controlling traffic can cause or contribute to an accident. Poorly placed and poorly designed road signs or barriers can cause unnecessary injury when vehicles collide with them.

Road Conditions – The conditions of a roadway can be hazardous due to weather, poor design or maintenance, or the presence of objects or debris on the roadway.

Vehicle Defects – At times an accident will result from a defect with a driver’s vehicle, such as a tire blowout, brake failure, or other mechanical failure.

Legal action that results from an accident involving two vehicles is usually due to a claim that the driver of one vehicle caused the accident through negligent driving. In addition to claims of driver against driver and passenger against the other vehicle’s driver, cases have also resulted from the passenger of a vehicle claiming the driver of the same vehicle caused harm due to driver negligence.

Claims may be brought against contractors and the government for injuries and property damage due to unsafe road conditions or hazards such as traffic cones or barrels that were distributed incorrectly or left in the roadway.

Finally, cases have been brought against the manufacturer of a vehicle for unsafe design or product flaws. Service centers and mechanics have been cited as the cause for an accident due to neglect while fixing a vehicle.

My next post will explain special scenarios involved in a car accident that make it difficult to pursue an automobile claim.




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