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“Rosie the Lawyer” In Session: Third Installment

Rosie the Lawyer

Rosie the Lawyer: Third Session Recap

The third installment of the Rosie the Lawyer program was held on November 6th at the Baltimore City Courthouse Museum.

Judge Carrion kicked off the day by addressing the students with her personal story and background as well as a few excellent pearls of wisdom about hard work, taking advantage of mentors and opportunities and giving back to your community once you are in a position to do so. Not only did Judge Carrion’s words prove to empower the students, but she also offered herself as a resource to the students suggesting that she would be happy to sit down with them and speak individually should they need a resource. The Judge spoke of not having a lawyer or any such resources as a young woman growing up in Puerto Rico – she constantly looked for ways to open up her world of knowledge and broaden her resources. She would have also sought out a “Rosie the Lawyer” program much like these students have done. It goes without saying that Judge Carrion’s warm smile and lovely delivery also sought to break down the barrier that a Judge not be intimidating or unapproachable. She could not have been more kind or more open with our students.

After Judge Carrion’s meeting, there was an excellent presentation by Master Dunn and Bob Hesselbacher at the City Courthouse Museum, where the students were enlightened about a few of Baltimore’s historical legal facts. The students were fascinated by the beauty of the original Orphans Courtroom, now filled with preserved objects used at the turn of the century, reflecting our rich legal history in Baltimore City. Tracy Steedman joined us for a few moments to greet the students and share her background as a Construction attorney as well as share a few pearls of wisdom as a female working in a male dominated field.

The day ended with an unexpected treat as Master Dunn suggested the students sit in on Judge Wanda Heard’s afternoon session in her round courtroom – yet another spectacular setting. We sat in the back as the State’s Attorney delivered her closing argument. This experience was a gift – perhaps the highlight of their Rosie experience.

Our final session will be held on December 16th here at the WC&S office. The students will hear presentations from UB and U of MD Law as well as from three scholarship foundations.

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