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‘Rosie the Lawyer’: Baltimore area high school girls to get introduction to unique practice areas in law.

Wright, Constable & Skeen female attorneys to help students learn about practice areas of law.

(Baltimore, MD) Female attorneys of Wright Constable & Skeen will participate in a program called “Rosie the Lawyer” in the effort to promote a “We can do it” sentiment among young women interested in the field of law.  The program is designed to encourage female high school students to pursue careers in areas of  practice historically dominated by men, such as construction and maritime law. Members of the firm will also take the opportunity to share and discuss the various other practice areas..

The program derives its name from the iconoclast “Rosie the Riveter,” an initiative also designed to encourage women to break through gender walls in the workplace. Much like her predecessor, “Rosie the Lawyer” seeks to introduce young women to the possibility of non-traditional or male-dominated career paths through a series of four educational events.

Fifteen young women from greater Baltimore area public high schools will be nominated for this program.   Students will be chosen from the CollegeBound Scholars Group based on their demonstrated leadership  both in an academic setting and within their own community. The “Rosie the Lawyer” events include a variety of functions designed to share and build professional experiences. They will attend a course on business etiquette taught by The Etiquette School of Maryland, a tour of the Baltimore City Courthouse Museum, and a personal meeting the Honorable Judge Audrey Carrion. Additionally, the program will offer  presentations from the University of Maryland, University of Baltimore School of Law, and three independent scholarship foundations about scholarship opportunities.

Wright Constable & Skeen has developed the “Rosie the Lawyer” program  to promote gender diversity in the legal profession and provide educational opportunities to students interested in the profession. The effort is part of the firm’s mission to better serve the community as a legal resource and engage with others.. 



First Event: Meet and Greet

Where: WCS Office,100 North Charles Street on the16th floor

When: September 24th from 12:30-4 pm

Guest Speakers: Alicia Wilson, former CollegeBoundScholar, Associate at Gordon Feinblatt LLC and Bambi Stevens, Chief Solicitor, Contracts Division Baltimore City Law Dept/Arbitrator will both be Special Guest speakers.


Second Event: Business Etiquette Training and Breakfast

Where: The Women’s Industrial Exchange, 333 North Charles Street

When: October 9th 8:30-11:30am

Host: The Etiquette School of Maryland


Third Event: Tour & Judge Meeting

Where: Baltimore City Courthouse Museum

When: November 6th, 1pm

Who: Museum Docent and Partner, Bob Hesselbacher, the Honorable Judge Carrion


Final Event: Law School Presentation & Scholarship Overviews

When: TBD

Who: Nichole Velasquez, Esq from University of Maryland Law School and Mark Bell Director of Diversity Incentives and Recruitment for University of Baltimore School of Law