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Purple Stride and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

WCS attorney Meighan Burton is very involved with PurpleStride and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. We would like to make supporting this cause as easy for you as possible which is why we have made it available through our website.

Everyone likes to root for the underdog and in the world of cancer research, the underdog is pancreatic cancer. This horrible disease is the fourth leading cause of cancer death, yet receives just 2% of federal cancer research funding. It’s up to us to step in and fight for the more than 45,000 Americans who will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year.

Meighan is participating in PurpleStride Maryland on Sunday, October 6 and she would love to have your support. 

Please consider making a donation in any amount, but here are some suggestions:

  • $12 Represents the fact that every twelve minutes, someone new is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
  • $20 To help double the pancreatic cancer survival rate by 2020
  • $45 To represent the more than 45,000 diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year.
  • $75 For the nearly 75,000 patients, families and caregivers have received support from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s PALS program.
  • $180 Because the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has provided nearly $18 million in grants to fund pancreatic cancer research.

Any amount will help! Be sure to check with your employer’s Human Resources department to see if your company will match your gift!

Visit her personal fundraising page and consider making a donation. Thank you for your support!