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Maritime and Transportation Law

Wright, Constable & Skeen and its predecessors have been a staple within the maritime and transportation community for more than 100 years.

Baltimore is a world-class port and transportation hub, well-serviced by interstate highways, railroad trucks and ocean carriers. It is the closest port geographically to the mid-west and combined with the Washington-Metropolitan Area is one of the nation’s most populous regions.

The Admiralty, Maritime and Transportation Law Group is composed of distinguished and well known attorneys within the maritime industry. David W. Skeen and Stephen F. White are both “Proctors-in-Admiralty” with the Maritime Law Association of the United States. James W. Constable and Frederick L. Kobb are both members of the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel. They have the knowledge needed to assist in solving virtually any problem which may occur in the area of transportation of goods and people.

Our attorneys have experience in legal issues involving ocean carriage, terminal operations, warehousing, trucking, railroad, and air carriers necessary to understand the intermodal transportation industry, the multilayered relationships of brokers, agents, forwarders, and operators that give rise to the complex legal issues in applicable to intermodal bills of lading, tariffs and insurance coverage.

Group members also have a wealth of knowledge and experience in recreational boating matters, including slip rental agreements, boat sales, auctions, marina liability, insurance coverage, collisions, personal injury and death claims, fire, casualty and subrogation claims. 

This Group handles matters related to commercial and recreational vessels, including vessel arrests and attachments, commercial disputes relating to charters, contracts, marine insurance, trucking, railroad and warehouse claims, claims under the Jones Act and Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Act, personal injury and death claims, towing and salvage, mortgage foreclosures, maritime claims in bankruptcy, collision, products liability, cargo and property damage, Federal Employees Liability Act, Federal Safety Appliance Act, Federal Boiler Inspection Act, defense and subrogation claims.