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Small Businesses Receive Big Gains from Incorporating

Business owners face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. From inventory to growing a customer base, there’s always Read More >>

Avoiding Start Up Problems When Opening Shop

It is a moment when dreams begin to take the shape of reality. After countless days of hard work and Read More >>

You Have Been in an Automobile Accident, What Should You Do?

A car accident is not something you can ever predict; however if one does occur, you should know what to Read More >>

The Disabled Job Applicant

Employers may be exposed to liability under the Americans With Disability Act (“ADA”) for failing to hire job applicants because Read More >>

What to Do About Your Neighbor’s Tree

A commonly asked question by property owners is, “what rights do they have to protect their property from overhanging trees, Read More >>

Naming a Legal Guardian

In today’s extremely busy world, many parents delay the drafting and execution of their last Will and Testament. Besides the Read More >>

Independent Contractor vs. Employee

Businesses today often hire independent contractors over employees, however, the distinction is often blurred and liability may result not only Read More >>

Maryland Auto Accidents Lawyer

Maryland Auto Accidents During the course of a lifetime, most people unfortunately become involved in an automobile accident or know Read More >>

Pharmaceutical Cases Newsflash – July 2011

PHARMACEUTICAL CASES NEWSFLASH The Law Office of J. Neil Lanzi, P.A. is associated with counsel who handles pharmaceutical cases involving Read More >>

Year 2011 Comprehensive Zoning Process

COMPREHENSIVE ZONING PROCESS Every four years in Baltimore County every property is eligible for a change in zoning whether it Read More >>