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Maryland Business Lawyer: Selling A Business

Whether or not they are thinking about selling, all business owners should know what their business is worth.  The worst time to sell a business is when there is no choice but to sell the business.

A business attorney can help owners get their company ready to show before the decision is made as to whether a business should be sold.

For decades, the Law Office J. Neil Lanzi has been helping business owners in every step of selling their business; from finding appraisers, valuation, and preparing documents to drafting the letter of intent, negotiating with buyers, and preparing and reviewing the sales agreement.

Some business owners may choose to have an attorney simply review their sales agreement. However, if an attorney is retained throughout the entire process, he or she may be able to alert the business owner to things they may not have otherwise considered.

The Law Office of J. Neil Lanzi can assist with ensuring sellers have all the necessary paperwork ready; including:

  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Charter and amendments
  • Current status of board of directors
  • Stockholders’ Agreement
  • Corporate minutes
  • Loans, liens, indemnity agreements, mortgages, etc.
  • Employee Agreements
  • Licenses and insurance policies

Sellers who have the right documents in place are more likely to receive their expected value in the transaction.

If you would like more information regarding the buying and selling of businesses, please contact The Law Office of J. Neil Lanzi at 410-296-0686 or visit our Contact Page.

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