HBO’s Divorce: Analyzing the Episodes

HBO’s Divorce:
Analyzing Sarah Jessica Parker’s Series from the Perspectives of Two Family Law Attorneys


HBO series “Divorce” (co-executive produced and starred in by Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex and the City” fame) takes a close and candid look at the other end of the relationship cycle. Ten years of marriage and two children later, the “bloom is off the rose” for wife Frances. The giddiness of new love, the excitement of building a life together, the joy of raising two little ones – have passed, and it is now the two of them, husband and wife, feeling alone together. Frances, re-assessing herself, the life she shares with husband Robert and her options at middle age, is finding out, to her surprise and chagrin, that breaking up, emotionally and psychologically, logistically and legally, can be harder than she thought..

Each Monday, family attorneys Mollie Caplis and Fred Kobb offer their own commentary on issues the couple – and the collateral effect on family and friends – highlighted in each episode. While Mollie and Fred often work together, these commentaries are written independently. Therefore, the articles may from time to time overlap but the differences in age, gender and life and professional experience impact their viewpoints and make for different commentary and points of focus.