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EDIC: Thinking of Joining a DSO?

DSO contract

May 8, 2018 – EDIC Newsletters featuring Steve Kaufman‘s article:

Thinking of Joining a DSO?

What to look for before you sign a contract.

Graduation is approaching and you are reviewing contracts for different job opportunities. Below, list the top four things to look for if you are thinking of practicing for a Dental Service Organization (DSO):
1. Meet the dental director. Does the director’s vision of good care match yours? How often will the director be available to you? If you believe that you need on-site training or supervision while you get your feet wet in a new practice, who is the senior practitioner in the office and what is that person’s incentive to help you?
2. Is the DSO financially sound? Pay particular attention to start-ups or organizations undergoing rapid growth. Do they have the cash, management skills, processes and controls needed for healthy growth?
3. Assess the pressure to produce. How many patients will you be expected to see in a day? Is there minimum revenue you must produce? Remember, there are investor owners who will want a return on their investment.
4. Leave yourself an out. When you negotiate your contract, try to assure that you can leave on short notice if you are unhappy and eliminate or minimize any non-compete restrictions to make leaving easier.

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