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David Skeen Joins Mediation Network

David Skeen has joined the Mediation Network on Mediation.com in an effort to expand his presence within the online community of certified mediation attorneys.

Mediation has emerged as a method for alternative dispute resolution for every practice area of law, including maritime law.  Mediation allows both parties to come to an agreement on their own terms.  A certified third party mediator oversees the process, keeps both parties on track, and informs them of their legal rights without being an advocate for either side.  

Mr. Skeen has recognized that, “when dealing with disputes involving maritime law, time and money are often of the essence.  That’s why I always recommend mediation, because it gives my clients the opportunity to resolve their disputes outside the courtroom, often at a fraction of the cost and time commitment generally connected to litigation.”

A link to the news story on MaritimeProfessional.com can be found by clicking here

More about the Mediation Network:

Mediation.com is an online network of certified attorney mediators by state and legal practice area.  Whether a person needs a maritime mediator or an surety mediator, their mission is to make finding a certified mediator easier. 

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