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2015 Maryland Super Lawyers and Rising Stars

Congratulations to our attorneys who have been selected for the inclusion to the 2015 Super Lawyers list. Special congratulations to Lisa Sparks, who placed in the Top 100 Maryland Super Lawyers and Top 50 Women Maryland Super Lawyers.

2015 Super Lawyers:

  • David W. Skeen,
  • James W. Constable
  • Frederick L. Kobb
  • James K. Archibald
  • Michael A. Stover
  • Monte Fried
  • Paul F. Evelius
  • Gerard P. Sunderland
  • Stephen F. White
  • Louis J. Kozlakowski, Jr.
  • Robert W. Hesselbacher, Jr.
  • Michael I. Gordon
  • Mary Alice Smolarek
  • Lisa D. Sparks

2015 Rising Stars:

  • Marc A. Campsen
  • Allyson B. Goldscher
  • Meighan G. Burton
  • Jason R. Potter

 WCS dsc_2790superlawyers 3-15


(From Left to Right) Top Row: Marc A. Campsen*, David W. Skeen, James W. Constable, Frederick L. Kobb Middle Row: James K.  Archibald, Michael A. Stover, Monte Fried, Paul F. Evelius, Gerard P. Sunderland, Stephen F. White, Louis J. Kozlakowski, Jr., Robert W. Hesselbacher, Jr.

Bottom Row: Allyson B. Goldscher*, Michael I. Gordon, Meighan G. Burton*, Mary Alice Smolarek, Jason R. Potter*, Lisa D. Sparks
(* 2015 Rising Stars)